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Distribution of wealth
  • Do you believe that budgetary allocations to the provinces should be based on needs or population size?
  • Do you think oil revenues should be shared equally across the country?
  • Do you think the Public Distribution System (food rations) should be disbanded?
  • Do you support partial and/or complete privatization of key sectors including healthcare, energy and education?
  • Should the government continue to subsidize unprofitable state-owned enterprises?
  • Do you believe that essential services including electricity, fuel and healthcare should be heavily subsidized by the government?
  • Should existing taxes be raised or lowered?
  • Do you support an increase in customs tariffs?
    Foreign debt
    • Do you support Iraq’s Stand-By Arrangement with the International Monetary Fund as a means to access financial assistance?
    • Do you support the accession of Iraq into the World Trade Organization?
      Reducing government spending
      • Do you believe that public sector salaries should be cut as a means to overcome the current fiscal crisis?
      • Do you support a continuation on hiring limits within the public sector?
        • Do you believe corruption should be tackled top-down or bottom-up?
        • Do you think anti-corruption efforts should focus on prosecuting high profile individuals or countering systems of corruption?
          • Do you think reconstruction efforts should focus on the liberated provinces or equally across the country?